Yes, homemade raw goat milk formula help babies with eczema, asthma, colic, or intestinal problems like constipation!  In fact, the reason I discovered this amazing formula is namely because my baby reacted so horribly to any traces of dairy (in my diet) while I was breastfeeding. She'd have hours of screaming fits and would break out into skin rashes.

Commercial formula was completely out of the question since most are dairy based, not to mention contain toxic ingredients like genetically modified fructose corn syrup.

I discovered babies with eczema, asthma, screaming fits, gas, constipation, or diarrhea usually show GREAT improvements when switched to a nourishing raw/fresh goat milk formula.  (ultra-pasteurized goat milk found in the grocery store is NOT fresh or raw)

Why is goat milk helpful? Goat milk protein and fat molecules are smaller than cow's milk (more similar to breast milk) and thus easier to digest for a baby. In addition, if you use raw goat milk (unpasteurized), it contains all the natural enzymes which helps it be digested.

You can read many success stories and testimonials from moms who have used fresh goat milk or homemade infant formula over the years with their large families and adopted children. You can also learn a lot by joining online support groups like newWAPHB.

Most Pediatrician are not familiar with this information as it is not taught in medical school, nor promoted by the commercial infant manufacturers who want to promote their products.

If you need the support of your Pediatrician, good luck! I suggest you do your research first and then print out information for him/her to read from various sources.