When buying eggs to feed your infants and young children, it is critical to consider the health benefits and advantages of "pasture-raised eggs" (the GOLD standard) over "free-roaming" or "organic" eggs - and certainly over conventional (aka battery hens) grocery store eggs.

Yes, it is ABSOLUTELY worth it for you to find a source of great quality pastured eggs and to spend more money per dozen on these fantastic power-packed nutrient dense foods! Why?

Here are some great articles which summarize the research and provide resources on where to find a farm in your area or one who can ship them to you.

How to Buy Organic Eggs: Pastured vs. Free Range Eggs

Mother Earth News: Eggs from hens raised on pasture are more nutritious than factory farms

Lexicon of Sustainability - The difference between "Pastured" eggs vs "Free-Range"

FL: Cowart Ranch Florida Ranch with Pasture-raised chickens

Miller's Organic Farm in Bird-in-Hand, PA: Pasture-raised animals (fed NO soy)

Miami, FL's My Healthy Food Club
MyHealthyFoodClub.com sources pastured eggs from Miller's Organic Farm

You can also check out the Eat Wild or Local Harvest websites to look for pastured eggs in your area.