Getting Started with GAPS Diet Menus Starter Package

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What Can I Eat to Heal Leaky Gut? 30 Days on the GAPS Intro Diet for Gastrointestinal Healing


  • 4 months of meal plans including a month of meal plans suitable for the Full GAPS diet, perfect to use while transitioning.
  • Daily videos to walk you through the first 30 days
  • Grain Free Freezer Guide – a printable guide for freezer cooking on the GAPS diet, specifically for busy GAPS families!
  • Best of Grain Free Meal Plans Cookbook (e-book) A handy guide of GAPS legal recipes and full color pictures of every recipe.
  • Webinars to help you with the emotional, social, and sensory aspects of the a gut-healing protocol.
  • Checklists and Quick-Start Guides so you can start easily no matter what your current diet is.  READ MORE and order here.

An Introductory Handbook with Meal Plans & Recipes

You will find this easy to follow book very helpful with 30 days of menus and recipes for the first month of Introductory days on the GAPS Diet.

GAPS Introductory Diet Meal Plans were created by Cara of who started her daughter on a grain free diet to help with developmental delays at the end of 2008. She found the transition overwhelming, but knew that she had to keep going as her daughter was thriving on a grain free diet. Cara’s goal with the Best of the Grain Free Meal Plans cookbook is to help share her knowledge with other families who are trying to go grain free, or who already are successfully grain free but are looking for recipe inspiration. Learn more and buy here for $20: GAPS Introductory Diet Meal Plans

Book "Gut and Psychology Syndrome"

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Dr. Campbell-McBride's Gut and Psychology Syndrome Book (aka. GAPS Diet), is a powerful healing system ideal for children who have any of the following:

  • Seriously picky eating habits with health challenges.
  • "Food addictions" to dairy, gluten, and processed junk foods.
  • "Leaky gut" resulting in food allergies and food intolerances.
  • Overgrowth of yeast or of bad bacteria in their intestines (or anywhere in body).
  • Developmental delays or "failure to thrive".
  • Skin problems like Eczema, Psoriasis, or breakouts.
  • Constipation, loose stools, or Irritable Bowel.
  • ADD/ADHD and trouble concentrating, focusing, and learning.

The GAPS diet is a very specific eating program which heals the gut and immune system. It's based on real whole foods, grain-free diet, rich in healing fats, and contains specific carbohydrates that are most gentle on the intestinal tract.