Are you looking to expand your knowledge? Here are some of my favorite online classes on various topics related to holistic health, nutrition, cooking, and meal preparation. I know them well, and highly recommend them! At very least, sign up for their newsletters and checkout their blogs.

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Post-Partum

Nutrition For Pregnancy
Fertility, Pre-Conception, and Pregnancy Nutrition Class with Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC). Julie is an autism expert and teaches a comprehensive online class on pregnancy nutrition.  Get your free Mp3 download:  7 Nutrition Secrets Your OB Won't Tell You That Will Affect Your Pregnancy and Baby.


Healthy Baby Code
Discover the absolutely essential steps you should take before, during, and after pregnancy to set the stage for fertility and lifelong health for your baby. The Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser MS, LAc




Learn How to Cook Real Food - by
Transform Your Cooking and Your Health with Real Food: Videos, Recipes, and Tutorials. Save time and money while feeding your family better. Learn to prepare wholesome, traditional foods easily with this online course: Learn How to Cook Real Food


Learning the basics about “Real Foods” by Kelly the Kitchen Kop
This 12 part online video class will teach you how to healthy, delicious, and simple "Real Food" for your family.  She’ll teach you everything from how to read food labels to avoid unhealthy ingredients, what to buy at the grocery store or farmer's market, to how to prepare it easily at home reducing your expenses on unhealthy packaged/processed foods.  Learning the basics about "Real Foods".

Reversing Food Allergies with Diet & Cooking
 by Cheeslave's AnnMarie Michaels
Learn to cook foods that help reduce or eliminate your allergies including those to gluten, dairy, and other foods. By preparing these gut healing foods, you will repair your digestion, improve vitamin absorption, boost your immune system health, reduce inflammation, and improve: Fibromyalgia, arthritis, auto-immune health, fatigue, learning disabilities, hyperactivity/ADHD and Autism.  Reversing Food Allergies

"Real Food" Menu Plans
Simple Dinners Meal Plans and Recipes
by Nourished Kitchen's Jenny McGruthers.
3 Full Simple Dinner Menus Each Week, 1 Dessert of the Week,
1 Probiotic Fermented Food of the Week, 1 Soup of the Week

  • All whole foods, no refined or processed ingredients, Easy-to-follow Recipes
  • Simple to-do lists, Suitable for Gluten-/Grain/Dairy-/Soy-free and GAPS Diets
  • Most menus can be prepared in under 40 minutes. Check out Simple Dinners

Special Diets for Intestinal Health

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Intro Diet Protocol
The most effective way to heal the intestines in children and adults is by implementing Dr. Campbell-McBride's GAPS diet for 30 days or more. It is grain free, rich in healing fats, and contains specific carbohydrate which heal the gut and immune system. You will find this easy to follow guide very helpful with 30 days of menus: GAPS Introductory Diet Meal Plans


Looking for some new Grain-Free meal plans and recipes? Cara's new cookbook is ready! The Best of the Grain-Free Meal Plans, v.1 It’s ideal for GAPS and low carb diets. Over 70 recipes of everyone's favorites, from cheese sticks to milk kefir to garlic lamb roast to cultured kimchi to dainty butter cookies. Simple and delicious! Cara's blog is and she also has a "Batch Cooking" guide and GAPS meal plans.



The Eczema Cure
Heal from the inside out with Real Food with The Eczema Cure. This e-book addresses the real cause of your eczema, so you can enjoy healthy, radiant skin that lasts!



AUTISM Nutrition

Cooking to Heal Learning Bundle for Autism Nutrition Support
These great learning tools by Julie Matthews, CNC includes two books and a DVD. Julie is THE autism nutrition expert. Her guide books will give you everything you know to start planning your special meals to help reverse the symptoms of autism!
Cooking to Heal Online Class

Healthy Weight Loss Programs

The Diet Solution - Effective Permanent Healthy Fat Loss
Watch this video on proven effective fat-loss solutions by a "CHECK nutritionist" who is sharing the REAL reason your body is not letting you lose that extra body fat, and how to fix the problem: The Diet Solution

JJ Virgin's Fast Track Weight Loss Program
 - 28 Days to Fit and Fabulous

JJ Virgin's Fit Club: 15 minute Home Workout Videos



JJ’s Get Fit Fast Program