Eczema in Babies who are Breastfeeding: Mom should get off dairy, gluten, soy, and eggs (which are typically fed soy). If that does not help after 3-4 weeks, try the GAPS diet to clean up mom’s gut. Add Infant Omega-3s and probiotics for both mom and baby.

Eczema in Infants who are Formula Fed
The pasteurized and ultra-processed milk powder in the formula can be responsible for a whole host of health problems. Switch to Homemade Infant Formula with raw goat milk or liver based (dairy free infant formula).

Eczema in Kids Eating solids:
No dairy, gluten, or soy. Add in each one  Take a good dose of Omega 3s, Coconut oil, and probiotics. And, you MUST get the GAPS diet book. Or to simplify your life, just download these 30 days of GAPS meal plans which are amazingly effective!

Environmental Triggers:
Check your environment...soaps, bathing too often, laundry detergent, floor cleaners, air fresheners. They can all cause it or aggravate it. Look into all natural skin care products for babies.

Pay attention to triggers: flare-ups could be caused by stress, heat, seasons changing

Use mild baby soap on his skin and use all natural household detergent and cleaning products. Keep baby's skin moisturized. Daily washing is unnecessary- and can dry out the skin to cause further sensitivity. Try bathing baby once or twice a week instead (with only "spot" washing when necessary.)

Age 6-16 months
Preparing Foods for your Infant or Toddler
Whether you're a stay at home mom,or you're packing up your baby’s lunch for Daycare, making your baby's food is more simple than you think, much healthier than the jarred baby food, and MUCH better than the junky stuff they serve the kids at Daycare which they claim is "healthy".

You can make some quick and easy meals for the week in just 1-2 hours, once per week. I prepare all my baby’s food on the day the fresh fruits/veggies are delivered, and once ready, I store them in the freezer in 4-6oz glass mason jars (like baby food jars). First, peel the veggies and fruits (optional depending on age and type of fruit/veggie), chop them into large pieces, and put them in the steamer. Then chop up some chicken, meat, or turkey into small pieces, steam, and mince up into bits using a hand chopper or mini-blender.

You can either freeze the protein separately (raw works best) and steam it up same day you serve it, or cook it and add into the veggie mix ahead of time, then freeze the whole jar so it's ready to go. The 4-6oz jars can easily be heated using either a baby food warmer, or hot water. Don't forget to add in the healthy fats. One small pat organic grass-fed butter into the veggies, one small dab pat coconut oil or cream in the fruit, and a ½ tsp Cod Liver Oil daily somewhere like in the food or milk. Avocado is a great food and one infants and kids can eat daily. It's filled with Omega 9 fats, antioxidants, and minerals. Carrot sticks hold up really well in lunch boxes. Just pack it all up and off to daycare. Giving your child this nutritious food daily will ensure he/she thrives with great health rather than fall into the epidemic of children's health and behavioral problems.

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