Since the 1970’s, numerous published scientific studies around the world (including 30 double-blind trials) have shown that children suffer adverse behavioral reactions after eating foods and beverages made with dyes, preservatives, or flavor enhancers. (References here, here, and here to see the scientific documentation).


The real challenge is not that we don’t have proof that these chemicals in popular children’s foods impair the brain, but that we parents and teachers often do not KNOW it is HAPPENING since the reaction can occur as late as 24-48 hours AFTER consuming the troublesome food or drink! in fact, some kids are perpetually under the influence of these brain chemicals.


Even more challenging, Dr. Ben Feingold’s landmark research in the 70’s revealed that certain fruits and vegetables contained a natural and normally “harmless” chemical compound called salicylates¬†[suhLISSuh-late]. Healthy foods such as berries, apples, grapes, tomatoes, oranges, and their juices are examples of some of the most commonly consumed ones.


Salicylates are a type of phenol which requires specific enzymes for digestion. But MANY kids¬†with ADHD, mood swings, anxiety, and emotional over-sensitivity have been found to be deficient in this phenol enzyme, thus causing a negative reaction when the Salicylate chemical is consumed – even from these “healthy foods”.

The first step in figuring out if salicylates are causing symptoms in your child is to fill out the Symptom Questionnaire linked on this page.


If your child has a score of 10 or more, and you’ve never tried a low salicylate diet like the Failsafe or Feingold, then you can look into either of these diets which will help you quickly figure out 1) IF your child is sensitive to natural salicylates, flavor enhancers, food dyes and preservatives and 2) What symptoms they are causing. The questionnaire will also allow you to assess symptoms before and after implementing a therapeutic low-salicylate program.


Based on the types of symptoms and their severity, a special diet could be LIFE CHANGING for you and your child!

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