A recent scientific study from Europe showed that 70% of children with behavioral issues, hyperactivity, lack of focus (ADD), irritability, mood swings, poor self-control, restless sleep, and emotional over-sensitivity have a BIG reduction of symptoms just using an elimination diet!

The most common symptoms seen are attention deficit disorder (ADD) and both Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The Feingold and Failsafe Diet are two distinct types of elimination diets which are low in Phenols and Salicylates – chemical compounds found in specific foods which can be hard to break down resulting in a variety of behavioral, emotional, and physical symptoms. Some kids do great on the Feingold Diet while others need a more comprehensive and fine-tuned diet like Failsafe.

The Failsafe Diet trumps over the Feingold Diet since it completely eliminates all foods containing medium or high levels of salicylates, not just 80% of them. In addition, Failsafe removes foods high in amines and glutamate which have commonly found to be problematic in kids who have salicylate issues.

To find out if either type of diet might be helpful for your child, take the symptom questionnaire. Based on the types of symptoms and their severity, one of these diets could be LIFE CHANGING for you and your child!